Scientologist Presents a Different Perspective on “Cults”

A listicle by Scientologist Dean Glosup published on the STAND website is an interesting commentary on the use of the word "cult" to falsely denigrate and degrade religious groups.Here is the definition of a “cult,” according to no less an authority than Merriam-Webster:1. Formal religious worship2. A system of religious beliefs and ritual; also its body of adherents3. A religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also its body of adherents4. A system for the cure of dise … [Read more...]

Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination: The “Cult” Label

Scientologist Vincent Grieg writes about bigoted individuals trying to put the "cult" label on his religion. Republished courtesy of the STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) websiteI am a Scientologist who has studied Scientology for years. Decades actually.I know a lot of other Scientologists and, while I can’t speak for all of them, I think plenty of us want to know why we’re mislabeled a “cult” by some. Like, for real? A cult? WHAT IS A CULT? For me, the wo … [Read more...]

Are there any Laws against the Practice of Scientology?

Of course not.In fact, the Church has received numerous recognitions, citations and validations from governments for contributions to society in the fields of education, drug and alcohol rehabilitation , crime reduction , human rights, raising moral values and a host of other fields.  … [Read more...]

In What Way Does Scientology Differ From Other Religions?

With Scientology being a fairly new religion, the most frequently asked questions are covered in the Scientology website.  Here is one that comes up often:In What Way Does Scientology Differ From Other Religions?While Scientology shares much in common with other religions as regards basic religious concepts and a mandate to improve society, the most valuable asset Scientology offers is an actual technology for achieving greater spiritual awareness.Moreover, while many religions promise … [Read more...]