Dianetics—Self Help for Self Improvement

With over 21 million copies sold, Dianetics is the best selling self-help book of all time and is now available in 50 languages. The book describes a simple therapy anyone can learn and use to improve himself and help others. In the book Dianetics 55! L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “Dianetics is an effort toward the attainment by Man of a level of freedom where decency and happiness can prevail and where knowledge of the mind itself would prevent the unscrupulous use of the mechanisms of … [Read more...]

Dianetics Video Poses and Answers Questions about Happiness and Ability

Dianetics contains reveals how negative experiences are stored and contains a technology to free yourself from them.  What would life be like if all of the pain you experienced no longer affected your abilities, emotions, and behavior? You would think and behave rationally making the best possible decisions relating to your survival. You would be able to utilize your imagination and creativity to the fullest. You would be confident, more intelligent and productive, happier. You would be -- … [Read more...]

September – Self Improvement Month

September is apparently Self Improvement Month, which is fortunate as it gives us a two-month jump on New Years resolutions, during which we can hopefully gain the new skills we need use to carry them out. Self Improvement can span any area of life—personal improvement; being a better athlete; a better dieter; a better student; improving one’s ability as a parent; as a partner, husband or wife; being a better provider; becoming a better child; teaching or mentoring more capably; being a … [Read more...]

How to Recognize Intelligence

In the book Dianetics: the Original Thesis L. Ron Hubbard defines intelligence as: “the ability to perceive, pose and resolve problems.” That’s a different take on it, isn’t it? It’s not necessarily how fast you can read or memorize something, or your grades in school, or your ability to flaunt your vocabulary.  It’s how fast or well you can solve something. In your own life, who do you know that’s intelligent? Well, when you’re stumped, who do you go to for advice?  If his … [Read more...]

Violence: Cause and Cure?

A tragedy in Norway. A bombing in Israel. Even a froth-spewing shooter at a local city. News reports cite terrorists, extremists, but is that really the case? Is the ideology the issue or is there something more here? While there is not a commonality in political viewpoint, there is a common dominator that news reports are not taking into account. It’s insanity, the source of which author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard isolated and explained how to address in his book Dianetics: The Modern … [Read more...]

How Does the Mind Influence One's Life?

L. Ron Hubbard's seminal work was Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health published in May 1950.  It is still the most basic text of Scientology.  This brief video introduction to Dianetics explains some of the most simple yet essential principles. … [Read more...]

Overcoming Grief through Scientology

Betsy Phillips overcame the grief of her mother’s death through Dianetics and Scientology. Her profile is one of 150 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at www.Scientology.org. The happiest moment in Phillips’ life was followed by the most tragic. It was high school graduation day. Phillips emerged from the ceremony exhilarated and proud, diploma in hand. But just hours later, a truck slammed into her mother’s car and then the ambulance racing her to … [Read more...]