Volunteer Ministers returning life to the village

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Balkans Disaster Response is helping villages recover from the record floods of May 2014.They published this story of a team that helped a farmer salvage his farm. ┬áThe blog is posted in several languages including English.>> … [Read more...]

A portrait of VM Disaster Response Team member

Agnes, how did you decide to join Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Team here in Bosnia?I planned for quite some time to become active as Scientology Volunteer Minister. I was trying to organize my life so I could live up to my dream, but it was taking lot of time and effort. When I heard about those terrible floods in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia I decided it is a time to act and quit waiting for perfect alignment of different factors in my life.What are your … [Read more...]

Scientology Volunteer Ministers

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Corps is an embracive program of the Church of Scientology to provide community service, disaster relief and emergency response. Created more than 30 years ago by Scientology Founder┬áL. Ron Hubbard, the program has expanded to over 200,000 Volunteer Ministers worldwide who have served at 187 disaster sites, including Ground Zero after 9/11, the Southeast Asia tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and Haiti.Volunteer Ministers have trained and partnered with more than … [Read more...]