Scientology Video: The Emotional Tone Scale

Perhaps one of the most crucial factors in acheiving success in life is knowing how to handle other people.  At times, the unpredictable nature of people can make this seem difficult of even impossible.  But if you had a tool that would identify the various human emotions and help you to understand the behavior associated with them, this would become quite simple. … [Read more...]

What is happiness?

by Nick Broadhurst Honestly, what is this thing called happiness? It is obviously linked to our survival. In our natural state we might be happy. Happiness seems to preside in the absence of pain. Pain is the warning of loss and too much pain brings about death. The pain signal shows the organism is in the proximity of a destructive force or object and to ignore the pain would bring about death.It does not matter if it is a burn or a broken arm, the signals are the same. When a lot of pain is a … [Read more...]

Reflections: Emotions

by Nick Broadhurst We all express human emotion. Emotion can be cheerful, sad, angry, and so on. As life survives well it is generally cheerful, happier. As it approaches what appears to it as an immortality of existence it demonstrates enthusiasm, exhilaration, even serenity. But as life approaches death or a terminated existence, it seems subdued, given up, apathetic.This change of emotion is because as life fails it finds part of itself captured or trapped in the past losses of life and … [Read more...]