10 Warning Signs of Dependency from the Foundation for a Drug Free World

For anyone concerned someone they know may be addicted to opioids, these ten warning signs from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World can help you decide if it's something you should look into further.(republished from the Utica, New York, Observer-Dispatch)When pain pills become a problemPrescription painkillers can relieve pain, but the body can, over time, start to depend on them. Here are 10 warning signs of dependency from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World:1. Dosage … [Read more...]

Scientology Year in Review–Olympics: 5,500 Volunteers Against Drugs

The special edition Expansion issue of Freedom Magazine describes the coordinated effort behind the scenes resulting in a million Brazilians and visitors to the Rio Olympics learning the truth about drugs.The Truth About Drugs campaign—produced by the Church of Scientology-sponsored Foundation for a Drug-Free World—delivered gold-medal results by conveying the factual evils of illicit drugs to the people of a nation who consume 18 percent of the world’s cocaine. Marijuana and synthetic drugs … [Read more...]

The Truth about Prescription Drug Abuse

A guest editorial in the Daytona News-Journal today states:Our community is now facing a new challenge that is literally tearing at the fabric of our neighborhoods. It is an epidemic we never saw coming, and we were unable to brace for its wrath. Prescription drug abuse is affecting all walks of our society. It is tearing apart our families; it is a major contributor to criminal activity and reaches across all sectors of our community.We must take proactive steps in educating our community … [Read more...]

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

On Monday, October 3, President Barack Obama proclaimed October 2011 “National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.”In his proclamation he said, “By providing strong support systems for our loved ones, and by talking with our children about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs, we can increase their chances of living long, healthy, and productive lives.  During National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, we celebrate those dedicated to prevention efforts, and we renew our commitment to the well b … [Read more...]