Nelson Mandela and Freedom

In honor of the birthday of a man whose name is synonymous with freedom, this video...    … [Read more...]

In Honor of Cinco de Mayo

To me, Cinco de Mayo has always represented the right to live free. ┬áSo I thought I'd post a video that expresses that concept far better than I could blog about it. … [Read more...]

Is Scientology open to anyone?

Scientology is open to anyone who seeks spiritual betterment.The materials that comprise the Scientology religion are readily available at Churches of Scientology and public libraries throughout the world. Churches and missions are always open to the public and anyone can come in for a tour and personally see what the Church is all about.Scientologists come from all walks of life, and include almost every imaginable profession: teachers, businesspersons, physicians, homemakers, … [Read more...]