Overcoming Injuries

In time for the Olympics, a simple and very fast way to get back in the game--Scientology assists.On the Scientology website, with this video and free online course, it takes a few hours to learn the essentials of how to give assists to people who are injured, ill or traumatized.  The course is:  Assists for Illnesses and Injuries.People sometimes get hurt in the business of living. The human body is subject to disease, injuries and various mishaps of accidental or intentional c … [Read more...]

Mommy Kissing It and Making It Better

Thought you all might like this little insight on that practice we’re all familiar with of “kissing it & making it better” (thanks to David Calkins of Mace-Kingsley for sharing): "Well, now, actually, it’s not even funny, because a little child will bark his knuckles or stub his toe or something and it’s almost — you can almost see him plot the whole thing out. He barks his knuckles and, like a small rocket, heads immediately for Mom and says, ‘See?’"And Mama says, ‘Oh, that’s nice. Mama … [Read more...]