Scientologist Shares “The Power of Listening”

Scientologist Jim Kalergis shares the "magic" of learning to listen--an ability he gained on his first Scientology course.  The blog is published courtesy of STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination).The first course I took in Scientology was called the “Communication Course.” The first exercise on the course was called “TR  0.” The “TR” stood for “Training Routine.” The “0” designation was because the skill gained on the drill was a prerequisite to all the exercises that we … [Read more...]

What is Magic

In Scientology we believe there are three parts to man: the body, the mind and you--the spiritAs presented on the Scientology website:"In Scientology, the spiritual being is called the thetan. The thetan is immortal and has lived—and will continue to live—through countless lifetimes. As the thetan passes through each lifetime, he becomes more and more entangled with the material concerns and experiences of the physical world. Eventually, he loses sight of his true spiritual nature and abili … [Read more...]