Meet a Scientologist–Christoph Roth

The Church of Scientology published a “Meet a Scientologist” video on the YouTube Scientology video channel that highlights the life and work of Emmy Award-winning VFX producer Christoph Roth.As senior producer for an internationally renowned company that produces visual effects for feature films, television and commercials, “magic” is all in a day’s work for Roth.“We can create anything with the computer,” says Roth. “Dinosaurs, Dragons, space ships, ghosts, entire cities—whatever yo … [Read more...]

Who are Scientologists?

So just who are Scientologists? What do they do in life? What sort of careers? What sort of families? What sort of attitudes?There are over 200 short videos (a minute or less each) in a series called "Meet A Scientologist", each about a particular individual, their life, their attitudes, their aspirations, etc. They give you a quick look into the life of one person at a time and are a great way to find out just who are Scientologists.The videos are available in three ways: If you have a good … [Read more...]