On Religion & Politics, or What Not to Discuss at a Dinner Party

This blog by Jenny Good is published courtesy of the website of STAND, Scientologists Taking Action Against Religion, and deals with the bias and bigotry that can threaten otherwise harmonious relationships when the subject of religion and politics invade a social gathering.“Nothing ruins a dinner party faster than religion or politics.”It’s the unspoken agreement of a polite dinner host and guests.Why?Because people can’t keep their manners in when talking about these two subject … [Read more...]

Political Resolutions

Not too far into the New Year to formulate some resolutions. One of mine—yet unspoken—is to cool it on politics. I’m actually quite interested in the subject, but also find it completely maddening…that some people…could…AAUUUGGGHHHH!OK, I’ll try that again. Sometimes it surprises me that politicians get away with saying certain things that are so obviously false and that the media reports things that are so obviously false, but no one ever seems to call people on it. And it then starts to sca … [Read more...]

Into the Ring

Plunk. Plunk. Plop. That’s the sound of hats being tossed in the ring as the 2012 elections loom. So what is the Scientologist’s view of politics? Well, they range from left to right and fall anywhere in between. Politics are personal and, as someone who considers herself fairly interested in politics, I sometimes am amazed at just how widely divergent the views of my fellow parishioners are.As left, right and center as a Scientologist’s views are, Scientology itself is nonpolitical. Scien … [Read more...]