One Scientologist’s Story of How he Handled Bias in his Own Family

A blog on the STAND website by Roger Clark gives insight into the result of media bigotry on the lives of Scientologists and the simple truth about Scientology that no one can argue with. Republished courtesy of STAND. Don’t Tell Me. SHOW Me. My father was a brilliant man. He held a doctorate in law, was literate in both Spanish and English and, after 20 years as a judge, could whip through a 50-pound legal brief like you and I read text messages. After that he could quote page, paragraph and s … [Read more...]

Scientologist Debunks the “Atheists are Smarter” Myth

In this blog entry on the STAND website, Scientologist Rodger Clark takes issue with atheist assertions that intelligence is somehow connected to an absence of religious belief. Several researchers in the field of psychology descended from the ultra-recirculated, purified air of academia to address the amoebic, unwashed masses (us). Citing 53 out of 63 studies that show a “negative correlation” between religiosity and intelligence, they declare that atheists are smarter than religious peop … [Read more...]

The Truth about Scientology, in my View

Scientologist John Logothetis compares Scientology to the religion he grew up in--with favorable results. Published courtesy of the STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) website.I remember when I was 17 years old and first walked into a Church of Scientology in Chicago. I was young, troubled, unsure of myself and not at all sure what Scientology was. I had just read the book Dianetics and it was absolutely revolutionary to me. It helped me and contained all the answers … [Read more...]

Scientologist Shares “The Power of Listening”

Scientologist Jim Kalergis shares the "magic" of learning to listen--an ability he gained on his first Scientology course.  The blog is published courtesy of STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination).The first course I took in Scientology was called the “Communication Course.” The first exercise on the course was called “TR  0.” The “TR” stood for “Training Routine.” The “0” designation was because the skill gained on the drill was a prerequisite to all the exercises that we … [Read more...]

Why Our New Church of Scientology of the Valley Makes Me Proud

Scientologist Sandra Richmond writes about what the new Church of Scientology of the Valley means to her. Published courtesy of STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination).Have you ever been proud of some special achievement in your life? Perhaps it was something you did on your own, or perhaps you worked with others to bring a project to fruition.I experienced an immense sense of accomplishment when I joined other parishioners, community leaders and friends to … [Read more...]

Ask a Scientologist–Scientology Parent Answers Four Questions Including “What Are Common Misconceptions About Scientology?”

Tad Reeves, of the Scientology Parent blog, answers 14 questions posed by a student about Scientology. Here are the last four answers. Published courtesy of the Scientology Parent website.11)IS THERE A SCHOOL SPECIFICALLY FOR PEOPLE TO LEARN ONLY SCIENTOLOGY THAT IS SEPARATE FROM THE TRADITIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEM? Scientology is a religious philosophy, but it is not and was never intended to be a replacement for a full education.  Clearly, if one wanted to become a Scientology practitioner, … [Read more...]

Ask a Scientologist–Five Questions Answered Including “What Are the Core Beliefs of the Scientology Religion?”

Tad Reeves, of the Scientology Parent blog, answers 14 questions posed by a student about Scientology. Here are his first five answers. Published courtesy of the Scientology Parent website.6)HOW HAS AUDITING POSITIVELY AFFECTED YOU? The broad answer to that is that auditing has, by and large, made me more honest with myself and others, more generally happy, more stable, and more tolerant of having more moving parts and individual things going on in my life that I’m actively working on … [Read more...]

Oops! I Didn’t Know You Were a Scientologist

Scientologist Siouxie Boshoff tells her experience as a youngster when some of her friends started making jokes about Scientology. When she told them she was a Scientologist, they were taken about and were fascinated to find that the propaganda they had bought about the religion was not true.  published courtesy of the STAND website  A Face to Go With a Faith Growing up in a new religion can be an interesting experience.As a child I was completely uninhibited about my beliefs. But … [Read more...]