Happy Father’s Day from the Church of Scientology

In this video, illustrating a precept of The Way to Happiness, the essence of what it means to be a father comes through. It is this care and tolerance, understanding a love that is the hallmark of a truly great dad.   … [Read more...]

What People Say About the Scientology Volunteer Ministers

The best way to know about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is to take one or more of their free online courses and use the technology to help others. The change you see from what you did to help another is all the "proof" you will ever need on the importance of the program.Here, in the words of people who are not Scientologists but encountered the help of Volunteer Ministers when help was needed, you can gain and understanding of the impact the program has on the well-being of … [Read more...]

Church Of Scientology Responds to Hbo’s ‘Going Clear’ with 5 Page Letter to The Hollywood Reporter

The Church of Scientology has responded to Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear in a letter to The Hollywood Reporter that is also featured in World Religion News … [Read more...]

Meet the Real Jason Beghe, featured Alex Gibney Scientology Film

Jason Beghe isn't just a violent cop on TV or in the movies, he's type cast.This video by Freedom Magazine tells you what Alex Gibney would not include in his Scientology film? I wonder why...  … [Read more...]

Freedom Magazine Exposes True Story of Paul Haggis

Freedom Magazine interviews Paul Haggis's sister Kathy. Once Haggis' partner, she tells how her brother exploited his "connections" and destroyed his family. … [Read more...]

Youth for Human Rights World Tour 2015

Just found this great video on Vimeo by the photographer/videographer for the Youth for Human Rights World Tour for 2015. Loved it. What do you think? … [Read more...]

Social Justice–Ending Human Trafficking and Forced Labor

This year's theme for World Day of Social Justice is ending Human Trafficking and Forced Labor.We're taught in school that slavery was a thing of the past: history.I was shocked to find out that more people are trafficked today than in the height of the slave trade. Yet slavery is considered illegal in all civilized nations today. How can that be? And why?The Church of Scientology sponsors human rights education in the belief that education, knowledge and understanding are key to … [Read more...]

Why Help?

The Church of Scientology volunteers 50 millions hours of global humanitarian aid, education & disaster relief through volunteer organizations.Why?Help is a basic concept in the Scientology religion.Here is one of the points L. Ron Hubbard makes on the subject: “The greatest ability in the whole human race and all amongst the livingness, is the ability to help. And when you can improve that ability all the way up along the line, you’ve improved about all there is to improve abou … [Read more...]