What John Mark Founded

Today Biola held a special farewell reception for John Mark Reynolds, who is becoming provost of Houston Baptist University after 18 years as director of the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola. The Dean of Humanities emceed the university-wide event, at which the president gave Reynolds a genuine Jim Rice homerun baseball that he caught himself [Read More…]

Metathon 2012 – Dante’s Inferno

Dr. Geier: “It’s interesting that Satan’s uninteresting.”

The Metathon ended Sunday night, complete with its traditional climactic cake. Lots of us stayed up an hour or two after eating to follow loose conversational threads from the last few days (“So what did you mean that knowledge is an image?”) or to play with our newly-minted inside jokes. It’s amazing the sort of work [Read More…]

Metathon 2012 – Dante’s Inferno

Photo credit: Shannon Leith. Check out her website. She’s incredible. After about a decade of close readings, late-night discussions, pizza, cake, and camaraderie, the Torrey Metathon is in the last year of its current iteration, and we’re going out in style–with Dante for company. If you’ve never been to a Metathon, the formula’s pretty simple: get [Read More…]

It’s Been Said.

There was a sweet, confusing couple of years when the Inklings et al. suddenly spoke straight at me, with megaphones. All my bookish Christian friends felt it too, at one time or another. We felt like they were pointing out our intellectual thirsts by quenching them. We felt like they had looked at our little [Read More…]

5 Things I Learned at Torrey From John Mark Reynolds

In the previous post, John Mark announced that he was leaving the honors program he founded to become the new head of academics at Houston Baptist University. He’s continuing, of course, to be an essential member of the team at Wheatstone Ministries through insight at board meetings, speeches at conferences and events, his kind and [Read More…]

The Old Order Changes

Outside my family, Torrey Honors is the best thing to happen to me so far. The chance to start Torrey and work with the chums has been the greatest honor of my life. Jesus built Torrey and it was a miracle that I could be involved. I am so thankful to Biola University for taking [Read More…]

Finishing Up With "On This Day" In This Year

Since 2009 I’ve been noodling away at the “On This Day” essays here at Scriptorium Daily. I started them on a lark during Christmas break 2009, got around to describing my goals for the series sometime in March, and kept at it whenever time permitted. I wrote entries for about half the days of the [Read More…]