Mentoring Boys – The Challenge of Improving Communication Skills (Guest Blog with Denny Coates)


For the next several months a group of writers focused on the issues of boys and men are collaborating through the writing and sharing of blog posts in order to bring greater awareness to the unique challenges boys and men face in the 21st Century.  Twice a month these writers will be posting the same posts on their various media formats to spread the word and to introduce their audiences to the great work of their peers.  Today’s post features Dr. Dennis Coates, creator of Strong For Parenting, … [Read more...]

The Bieb’s Prefrontal Cortex


I don’t know Justin Bieber personally.  I’m not even sure I would know any of his songs.  But as a man interested in how boys become men, I’ve been watch him as he tries to grow up in front of the world.  And it’s not been a pretty sight so far.There are no doubt many reasons for his very public meltdowns.  As other pop stars have demonstrated, it’s really tough growing up into a responsible, well-adjusted adult when at age 13, 14, 15, you have anything and everything you want.   He’s one of … [Read more...]