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Here are some links to recent discussion about our book, The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave (Buffalo, New York: Prometheus, 2005):Keith Parsons responds to a critic of his chapterJason Pratt responds to Parsons: Part I and Part IIA mostly favorable review of the book on another blog … [Read more...]

Mark Vuletic’s Blog

Philosopher of religion Mark Vuletic now has his own blog. … [Read more...]

Are Atheists Angry or Threatened by God?

I recently read a web-exclusive commentary on Newsweek magazine's website by Rabbi Marc Gellman entitled, "Trying to Understand Angry Atheists." The article's sub-title asked the question, "Why do nonbelievers seem to be threatened by the idea of God?" Gellman begins his article with the following words:I think I need to understand atheists better. I bear them no ill will. I don't think they need to be religious to be good, kind and charitable people, and I have no desire to debate or convert … [Read more...]

Prayer Rally to Lower Gas Prices

Just when you thought Christianity's penchant for the bizarre had exhausted itself comes news from UPI that a group calling itself "Pray Live" organized a D.C. prayer rally to lower gasoline prices. According to the story "various Christian clergy from around the country" met last Thursday and prayed to resolve the energy crisis. I wonder if Jerry Falwell laid hands on pump number three? Obviously, this absurd publicity stunt will accomplish nothing for the simple reason that there are no gods. … [Read more...]

Yet Another “Angry Atheist” Stereotype

There is something that each of us does not understand. Rabbi Gellman just can't understand why atheists "are often so angry" and I just can't understand why theists prefer to promulgate this tired canard at every opportunity. Gellman might as well have added how he can't understand why blacks sing and dance all the time or why it is that blond women are so dumb. Like many before him, Gellman engages in a little armchair psychology on the angry atheist:"...I am tempted to believe that behind … [Read more...]

Creationism vs ID

Old-fashioned young earth creationists and intelligent design advocates occasionally air their disagreements in public, as described by this piece in Christianity Today. It's too much to hope that they'll all go on a heresy-hunt within the faith and leave the reality-based community alone for a bit, but it's still nice to see them bashing one another once in a while. … [Read more...]

Politically liberal religion

I just caught up with a recent issue of The Nation that includes a couple of articles by political liberals who are also religious. They argue that the Democratic party shouldn't be so cool toward religious language and devout people. That the religious right can only properly be countered by a religious left that uses God-talk in the service of kinder and gentler ends. Michael Lerner says his usual thing, that the secular left lacks a spiritual vision, that secularists suffer from … [Read more...]

Funding professorships

There's a troubling news item concerning a scholar of Mormon history whose research has contradicted the official Mormon version of events, and possibly as a consequence, is having trouble getting an academic post. From the story:Mr. Quinn's struggles reflect the rising influence of religious groups over the teaching of their faiths at secular colleges, despite concerns about academic freedom. U.S. universities have usually hired religious-studies professors regardless of whether they practiced … [Read more...]