New Chick Tract

Just to start your New Year off with a dose of homophobia... … [Read more...]

New Chick Tract

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New Chick Tract

Jack Chick for kids. (Though it's hard to believe any of his other tracts are for adults.)Weirdly self-referential. … [Read more...]

Craig on Philo

First, sorry I have been away from S.O. for so long. Very busy. Anyway, I just noticed a small thing that I should probably ignore, but it irks me sufficiently that I am going to vent. In a footnote to his article "Theistic Critiques of Atheism," in The Cambridge Companion to Atheism, edited by Michael Martin, Craig makes a few passing remarks about the philosophical journal Philo, of which I was the founding editor. Craig contends that in academe, atheism is a philosophy in full retreat, with … [Read more...]

From Keith Parsons: Response to Steve Hays

Steve Hays asks whether atheists contradict themselves, saying, first, that no evidence would convince them of a miracle, and, second, that God is to blame for doubters' lack of belief because he could have performed spectacular public miracles that would have convinced anybody and everybody. If I declare that nothing will convince me that a miracle has occurred, then surely it is inconsistent and unfair then to chide God for failing to deliver one. So, which is it? Will atheists concede that, … [Read more...]

Carrier and Wanchick debate: Argument from Mind-Brain Dysteleology

In the Carrier-Wanchick debate, Carrier gives an argument for naturalism from the fact that minds are embodied in brains. As part of the setup, he writes:If BT [Biblical theism] is true, then (a) a brainless mind is possible, (b) God could have imbued humans with one, (c) no mind exists that was not deliberately created or allowed by God, and (d) in choosing what to do or allow, God would have obeyed the same moral code that a majority of Christians obey.Following this, he argues that, if … [Read more...]

Could an Atheist Pass a Lie Detector Test while Proclaiming Atheism?

(Redating this post.)While I am discussing the theme of defining one's opponents out of existence, here's an interesting twist on the idea. I received an email from a Christian with a link to an article that suggests most atheists could not pass a lie detector test if asked during the test if they believe in God and answered "No." The following is an excerpt. "Indeed, to suppress the truth that God has placed within each man only leads to varying degrees of neurosis. As the noted … [Read more...]

Wanchick’s moral argument

I probably should have posted this directly here rather than on my own blog, but I've offered up a critique of Wanchick's moral argument in his Internet Infidels debate with Richard Carrier at The Lippard Blog. I believe that not only does Wanchick mainly proceed through the mere assertion of dubious premises, but that at one point he effectively argues for something that is almost moral subjectivism as a premise by which he attempts to derive the existence of God from the objectivity of moral … [Read more...]