In Defense of Dwindling Probability – Part 2

I see that Plantinga's skeptical argument refers to "Dwindling Probabilities" rather than "Dwindling Probability".  Sorry about my failure to get the name of this topic quite right.I should mention that I did not learn about this sort of skeptical argument from the Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga.  I learned about the Multiplication Rule of probablity in high school math, and then again in one of many courses on logic and critical thinking that I took in college and as a graduate s … [Read more...]

In Defense of Dwindling Probability

Dwindling Probability

One claim involved in the case for the resurrection of Jesus is this:D.  Jesus died on the same day he was crucified.The truth of this claim depends on the truth of some prior claims:E.  Jesus existed.C. Jesus was crucified.A probability tree diagram can illustrate how claim (D) involves dwindling probability (for a better view, click on the image):                                                                                                                              … [Read more...]

Response to William Lane Craig – Part 7

Simple Gant Chart

I have another objection to raise against Luke Johnson's use of the "method of convergence" to support the reliability of the Gospels or the "historical framework" of the Gospels (emphasis added by me):As I have tried to show, the character of the Gospel narratives does not allow a fully satisfying historical reconstruction of Jesus' ministry. Nevertheless, certain fundamental points on which all the Gospels agree, when taken together with confirming lines of convergence from outsider … [Read more...]

Response to William Lane Craig – Part 6

In Part 4 of this series, we saw that in a table (presented by Johnson in The Real Jesus) listing seventeen different claims about Jesus that are based on the Gospel accounts (and allegedly supported by various other “outsider” and “insider” writings), that about half of those claims were trivial, vacuous, or very vague, so that the evidence from “outsider” and “insider” writings supporting these claims is worthless or insignificant in relation to confirming the historical reliability of the Gosp … [Read more...]

Response to William Lane Craig – INDEX

The well-known Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig has read at least two of my posts from 2014 criticizing his case for the resurrection of Jesus, and he responded to some of my objections: Here are the blog posts of mine that Dr. Craig … [Read more...]

Response to William Lane Craig – Part 5

Although biblical scholars who are more skeptical about the Gospels (than Evangelical Christian biblical scholars) do sometimes make general statements about the crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross being highly probable, when we look into the details of their views about the Gospels and about the stories about Jesus being crucified, we see that they don’t  actually have adequate grounds for their confident judgments that Jesus’ crucifixion and death on the cross are firmly established his … [Read more...]

Luke Johnson and the Resurrection of Jesus

In my second post responding to William Craig on his point that the death of Jesus on the cross is uncontroversial among biblical scholars, I focused in on the first two biblical scholars that he gave as examples: Robert Funk and Luke Johnson:===================Many Biblical Scholars Do NOT Believe that Jesus was Alive and Walking Around in Jerusalem on Easter SundayIt is interesting that the first two examples of biblical scholars that Craig points to are scholars who DON'T BELIEVE … [Read more...]

Response to William Lane Craig – Part 4

I have criticized William Craig's case for the resurrection on the grounds that he fails to show that Jesus died on the cross, and that apart from proving this to be a fact, his case for the resurrection of Jesus is a complete failure.Craig's primary response to this criticism is that the death of Jesus on the cross is uncontroversial among biblical scholars:The reason that I personally have not devoted any space to a discussion of the death of Jesus by crucifixion is that this fact is … [Read more...]