How to Get Published on The Secular Web: Call for Papers

As "Call for Papers Editor" for The Secular Web, I'd like to take this opportunity to advertise The Secular Web's "Call for Papers" page on the site. I recently updated the page with several new requests for original articles and book reviews for The Secular Web's "Modern Library," which is the peer-reviewed, scholarly section of the site. We welcome contributions from both nontheists and theists. … [Read more...]

Poll: Would You Be Interested in a Secular Outpost Podcast?

Please cast your vote using one of the buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. (Note: this requires that you view The Secular Outpost using your web browser, not the mobile version and not using your news reader.) … [Read more...]

Correction: My Earlier Post on the Catholic Church and Brittany Maynard was Wrong

I previously published an erroneous blog post regarding Catholic doctrine on people who commit suicide and whether, according to Catholic doctrine, Brittany Maynard is in Hell. I regret the error(s) in that post. I've decided to delete the post in its entirety.  That has the unfortunate consequence of making the comments on the post no longer visible on the site, but I think it's the right thing to do in order to avoid any further propagation of error.I will salvage the material about … [Read more...]

Links Do Not Constitute Endorsement

This is just a very quick post to remind readers that when I post links, my doing so does not necessarily mean I endorse the link unless I explicitly say that I do. I would have thought this was obvious but apparently I'm going to need to state this on every post going forward in which I post a link.I'm going to resist the temptation to tag this post with the label "Village Theist," however, as I consider that both childish and rude. … [Read more...]

Comments Are Working Again

But we still haven't been able to get Disqus working on that one page... yet. This is very weird. … [Read more...]

All Comments Temporarily Down

It appears that while troubleshooting the fact that we were unable to view/edit comments on one page, we've now temporarily lost the ability to view/edit comments for all pages. Working with Patheos to troubleshoot. Please stay tuned. … [Read more...]

Secular Outpost on Social Media

If you're interested in connecting via social media, here are the details:Twitter: @secularoutpost Google+: Facebook: I don't 'like' Facebook and have no plans to create a Facebook account for the Secular OutpostI am much more active on Twitter than I am on Google+. (In fact, this Google+ account is brand new. If you connected to the old one, you should disconnect from it and connect to this one instead.) … [Read more...]

The Cammels with Hammers Civility Pledge

Daniel Fincke just posted this on his blog. Republishing here with his permission and with my full support. If you want to take this pledge too, post your signature and your comments and any personal addendums you make to it in the comments section below. Also consider reposting the full pledge and reasons for the pledge on your own blog and/or other social media outlets to make your commitment to civility explicit. Also consider inviting others to do the same. I encourage people to freely … [Read more...]