Humor: Non-Denominational Terrorist Organization Welcomes Extremists Of All Faiths

In the "Why didn't I think of this?" category, The Onion brings you this: … [Read more...]

The Homeopathic Christ Problem

(A mostly silly puzzle about Holy Communion)  The Christian sacrament of Communion can be viewed according to two main competing theoretical perspectives. The first can be called the “symbolic presence” account, according to which the bread and wine are nothing more than symbolic representations of the body and blood of Jesus. On this view, to participate in Communion is to participate in a purely symbolic ritual. Christ is not in any sense literally present in the bread and wine; his p … [Read more...]

Recursive Humor #4: Changing Your Mind

I thought about changing my mind, but then I reconsidered. (Brian Haynes) … [Read more...]

Recursive Humor #3: Perfectionism

I used to be a perfectionist, but I am trying to improve.-Fray Pascual … [Read more...]

Recursive Humor #2: Procrastination

Don't procrastinate. Put if off NOW.-Unknown … [Read more...]

Recursive Humor #1: Confirmation Bias

So it turns out "confirmation bias" means exactly what I expected it to mean.-Unknown … [Read more...]

LINK: Atheist Driver Spots Jesus Fish Eating Darwin Fish, Repents

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Think Airplane Legroom is Bad? Wait Until They Reduce Headroom!

Now that the U.S. Senate has defeated the airplane legroom amendment, airlines are breathing a big sigh of relief.In fact, according to several industry insiders -- who all spoke only on condition of anonymity -- their next move is to take away headroom. While the ceiling is normally 6' above the floor on jets like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, the airlines are considering a move to reduce the vertical clearance to 4.5' above the floor. For an additional fee -- ranging from $35-$300 … [Read more...]