LINK: Atheist Driver Spots Jesus Fish Eating Darwin Fish, Repents

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Think Airplane Legroom is Bad? Wait Until They Reduce Headroom!

Now that the U.S. Senate has defeated the airplane legroom amendment, airlines are breathing a big sigh of relief.In fact, according to several industry insiders -- who all spoke only on condition of anonymity -- their next move is to take away headroom. While the ceiling is normally 6' above the floor on jets like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, the airlines are considering a move to reduce the vertical clearance to 4.5' above the floor. For an additional fee -- ranging from $35-$300 … [Read more...]

John Oliver on Donald Trump #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

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Parody: Ben Affleck and Sam Harris Debate Scientology

In case you missed it, Goldie Hoffman and Ruven Klausner have a hilarious sketch parody out of the Ben Affleck vs. Sam Harris debate. Instead of debating Islam, however, this sketch has them debating Scientology. Enjoy.ETA: You can follow more of their work at and … [Read more...]

Video: Who Says Christians Can’t Do Rap Music?

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Biola University Offers Course on Apologetics vs. Philosophy

LA MIRADA, CALIFORNIA--BIOLA (Bible Institute of Los Angeles) University will offer a course, "Apologetics vs. Philosophy," as part of its M.A. in Christian Apologetics program, which will focus on the differences between Christian apologetics and philosophy.In a press conference with an equal number of reporters, apologists, and local Awana kids, program spokesman J.P. Moreland cited renowned Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga. "In his advice to Christian philosophers, Alvin Plantinga on … [Read more...]

Artifacts Discovered in Dusty Academic Libraries Suggest WLC Once Participated in Fairly Matched Debates

LA MIRADA, CALIFORNIA--In a significant discovery that sheds new light on late twentieth century academic philosophy, researchers discovered new evidence this week suggesting that famed Christian debater William Lane Craig once participated in fairly matched debates with his opponents.The team of researchers--including Christian philosophers, theologians, altar boys, and vintage 1990s sweater enthusiasts--made the discovery this week while reading dusty old books found in the ruins of a … [Read more...]

Breaking News: William Lane Craig Agrees to Debate Me!

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