Announcing New Blog: “Opposing Trump”

I'm going to be spending less time blogging about the philosophy of religion in order to spend more time blogging about President Trump.Since one can be a consistent atheist and a Republican--see, e.g., Robert Price--I am not going to mix anti-Trump politics with the atheistic focus of the Secular Outpost. Instead, I have decided to create a new blog which I am calling Opposing Trump, a new team blog which will feature writers from a broad spectrum of viewpoints, from atheist to Christian a … [Read more...]

Off Topic: Donald Trump is an IDIOT – Part 2: More of Trump’s Foreign Policy Stupidity

I have added another section to my OUTLINE and to my blog postDonald Trump is an IDIOT - Part 2: Trump's Foreign Policy Stupidity: 5. There are Many Other Examples of Trump Foreign Policy Falsehoods. a. named Trump "King of Whoppers" at the end of 2015, because so much of what Trump asserts is false or misleading, including many of Trump's foreign policy claims.b. Trump makes false assertions about the US giving 150 Billion dollars to Iran.c. Trump made the false … [Read more...]

Off Topic: Link to “Donald Trump is an IDIOT – Part 2” have published my second post arguing that Trump is an IDIOT.The post is not fully completed, but it is about 75% done, so you can read most of it right now.I plan to complete the post tomorrow (Thursday, October 27th). … [Read more...]

Off Topic: Donald Trump is an IDIOT – Part 2: Trump’s Foreign Policy Stupidity

This is the opening of a post that I'm still working on, but hope to complete soon.I will post a link to it here at The Secular Outpost when it is published (on my blog site).Trump Is an IDIOT - Part 2: Foreign Policy StupidityWARNING: This is a long blog post.I have put an outline of my key points at the beginning, so that readers can see my main points quickly and then decide if they think it is worthwhile to take the time to read the entire post. OUTLINE 1. The evidence in … [Read more...]

Has the Journal Philo Died?

I've heard privately from several philosophers that they submitted articles and heard nothing for months. It's been years since a new issue of the journal came out. If you go to the journal's new website, there is now a statement that "Philo is no longer accepting submissions."I have no inside information about what may or may not have happened behind the scenes, but I think it is very unprofessional to leave authors and subscribers in the dark like this for so long. If they are going to … [Read more...]

Why Does the U.S. Congress Have Official Chaplains?

Yesterday the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) sued the U.S. Congress for barring atheist Dan Barker from delivering the invocation. (See here.) I am no attorney -- constitutional or otherwise -- but it seems to be a blatant violation of the Establishment Clause for Congress to allow Christian invocations, while barring atheist invocations. Why? Because the Establishment Clause implies that the U.S. Government may not favor belief or nonbelief or, if you prefer, theism over … [Read more...]

Hope for a Brighter Future – Part 2

In the previous post on this topic I pointed to a recent study which showed that belief in God is on the decline in the United States.  Some people, however, have a difficult time accepting this fact, and in order to avoid this "unpleasant" reality engage in various forms of uncritical thinking.  Joe Hinman, for example, seems to be hell bent on rejecting the facts that contradict his wishes and desires on this matter, and as a result he provides us with a clear example of how NOT to think.   … [Read more...]

Apologist Josh McDowell: Internet the Greatest Threat to Christians

(Redated post originally published on 19 November 2011)This is old news, but cries out for a comment. According to The Christian Post, Josh McDowell has declared the Internet to be the greatest threat to Christians. As the editor of an Internet anthology rebutting McDowell's book Evidence That Demands a Verdict, I naturally found this announcement to be of great interest. McDowell has steadfastly refused to even acknowledge our rebuttal, much less learn from it. Speaking at the … [Read more...]