Worldviews as Problem-Solving Proposals

Can a worldview be true (or false)?  I have been thinking of a worldview as a set of basic assumptions that contitute a philosophy of life, or a logical structure that approximates a philosophy of life.  On this conception of a worldview, it seems that a worldview is the kind of thing that could be true (or false).However, I have also been thinking, for many years, that worldviews can be understood in terms of problem solving, especially as analogous to problem solving for medical issues.   … [Read more...]

Religious Trauma Syndrome

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One Man’s Modus Ponens…Part 4

In A Companion to Philosophy of Religion, there is an article by Jeffrey Jordan on "Pragmatic Arguments", that covers Pascal's Wager. According to Jordan, there are at least three versions of Pascal's Wager. In this post I will examine one of the three versions, which goes something like this:1. Either God exists or it is NOT the case that God exists. 2. If God exists, then a person who believes in God will be much better off than a nonbeliever. 3. If it is NOT the case that God exists, … [Read more...]

One Man’s Modus Ponens…Part 2

Here is another argument for God, based on answered prayers:1. If God exists, then it is very likely that prayers to God for healing from injury or disease would usually be immediately followed by instantaneous and complete healing, except when the injury or disease was the result of self-destructive, foolish, or morally wrong actions on the part of the person who is suffering from the injury or disease.2. If it is NOT the case that God exists, then it is very unlikely that prayers to … [Read more...]

One Man’s Modus Ponens…

Here is an argument for the existence of God:1. If there is a God, then it is very likely that there is a book that was written many centuries ago that is purported to be a divine revelation, and that is widely known about, and that is filled with nothing but true facts and wisdom and clear and sound moral guidance, and that provides great help for people to live good and happy lives.2. If there is no God, then it is very unlikely that there is a book that was written many centuries ago … [Read more...]

Arrogant Atheists?

This is more than two months old, but I still think this is interesting.'s interesting to me is that, according to these survey results, there is a certain symmetry between, on the one hand, theistic stereotypes about atheists, and, on the other hand, atheistic stereotypes about theists.  Dominant Theistic View Dominant Atheistic ViewMorality of "Other" Side Atheists are less moral than theists Atheists are as or … [Read more...]

Defending a liberal approach to raising good citizens (rejecting religious-authority-based approaches)

My interview from West Midland's Faith Forum (one year after the riots). … [Read more...]

The Alpha course vs. Philosophy

Extract from my OUP book Humanism: A Very Short Introduction, which references the Alpha Course (it's from chpt 7) Religion vs. shallow, selfish individualism Let’s now turn to religious practice. Setting aside the issue of whether God exists, perhaps it might still be argued that religious reflection or observance is required if our lives are not to be shallow and meaningless. Here is one such argument. It is sometimes claimed, with so … [Read more...]