Geisler’s Five Ways – Part 5: The Gap Between Phase 1 and Phase 2

Here is my version of Geisler's first argument in Phase 2 of his case for God:  ARGUMENT #1 OF PHASE 2  10a. Only a being with great power could create the whole universe by itself, and only a being with great power could sustain the existence of the whole universe by itself  (for even just one moment).   11a. There is a being that both (a) created the whole universe by itself (in the distant past), and that (b) sustains the existence of the whole universe by itself (rig … [Read more...]

Off Topic: Donald Trump is an IDIOT – Part 2: More of Trump’s Foreign Policy Stupidity

I have added another section to my OUTLINE and to my blog postDonald Trump is an IDIOT - Part 2: Trump's Foreign Policy Stupidity: 5. There are Many Other Examples of Trump Foreign Policy Falsehoods. a. named Trump "King of Whoppers" at the end of 2015, because so much of what Trump asserts is false or misleading, including many of Trump's foreign policy claims.b. Trump makes false assertions about the US giving 150 Billion dollars to Iran.c. Trump made the false … [Read more...]

Geisler’s Five Ways – Part 4: Phase Two of Geisler’s Case for God

It is tempting to jump right into a critique of Geisler's five initial arguments.  However, my first priority is to sketch out the logic of Geisler's case for the existence of God in When Skeptics Ask (hereafter: WSA), and, as I have previously argued (in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), the five arguments are merely the first phase of Geisler's case. So, let's dive into the next phase of Geisler's case for the existence of God.  Recall that Geisler stated that all five arguments must be sound for h … [Read more...]

Off Topic: Link to “Donald Trump is an IDIOT – Part 2” have published my second post arguing that Trump is an IDIOT.The post is not fully completed, but it is about 75% done, so you can read most of it right now.I plan to complete the post tomorrow (Thursday, October 27th). … [Read more...]

Geisler’s Five Ways – Part 3: Just ONE Argument

Although, as I have previously argued, Geisler characterizes his case for God as consisting of multiple arguments for the existence of God,  this is a mischaracterization of his case for God.   Geisler's case for God rests upon five claims, and he gives an argument for each  of those five claims, but each of those five claims plays a critical role in Geisler's case.  If one of the five claims is false, then Geisler's case for the existence of God FAILS.  Thus, Geisler's case for God consists of … [Read more...]

Geisler’s Five Ways – Part 2: How Many Arguments for God?

In Chapter  2 of When Skeptics Ask (hereafter: WSA), Norman Geisler appears to present five different arguments for the existence of God.  However, there are some significant problems with this characterization of Geisler's case for God.   NONE of the five arguments end with the conclusion that "God exists".  In fact, only his first argument even mentions the word "God", and it is precisely the reference to "God" in the conclusion of his first argument that makes that argument logically invalid … [Read more...]

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Barry Leventhal thinks that Jesus appears to people in dreams. ( His claim isn’t that people have dreams in which Jesus figures as part of the dream, but rather that Jesus, himself, appears in the dream. I suspect that Leventhal does not think that every dream involving Jesus counts as an appearance of him, though. If I were to dream that Jesus and Sherlock H … [Read more...]

Geisler’s Five Ways

Norman Geisler is a Thomist.  His case for the existence of God is basically a simplified, clarified, and somewhat modified version of the case for God made by Thomas Aqinas in Summa Theologica.  Geisler borrows the basic logical structure of the case for God made by Aquinas, as well as some of the specific sub-arguments of Aquinas.The standard view of Aquinas has it that Aquinas presents Five Ways or five arguments for the existence of God.  Geisler apparently accepts this standard view of A … [Read more...]