Hinman’s Opening Argument for God

Joe Hinman has published his opening argument for God on his blog site:http://metacrock.blogspot.com/2017/07/opening-argument-resolved-that-belief.htmlHere is his argument in summary form: 1. All naturalistic phenomena are contingent and temporal. 2. Either some aspect of being is eternal and necessary unless or something came from nothing (creation ex nihilo) 3. Something did not come from nothing. 4. Some aspect of being is eternal and necessary [=GOB]. (from 2,and 3) 5. Some … [Read more...]

Do Christians have more to lose?

In a recent blog post, Randal Rauser wonders about the prospects that atheists (or anyone, really) are “simply after the truth”. He begins by noting that many Christians (such as the popular Christian apologist Lee Strobel), assume that atheists reject God in order to give license to their poor behavior. He’s not sold on this view, but he’s also skeptical of the alternative position that atheists are on a dispassionate quest for truth.He points to academia (well, a subset - philosphers and sc … [Read more...]