Freedom’s Path Series: Tales TRUMP Trust

This has nothing to do with President Trump. I just needed to use the word. This week, it seems to be the only way to get noticed online and I want this to be read. The title does, however, reflect the truth of this story. It is about how trust was betrayed when I left [Read More…]

Freedom’s Path Series: Emotional Hardships of Deconversion

“You doing okay, Pat?” The question was asked by Buzz, one of my regular passengers when I was a taxi driver (the job I took after I left the ministry because it was all I could find). Buzz was a scientist. He designed pacemakers and artificial heart valves. I would pick him up at his [Read More…]

How To Be Perfect!

(image credit)By guest blogger Hunter Glenn ______________________________________________________________________ Once, alchemists sought the secret formula for turning lead into gold. Nowadays, we seek things that are rather more unattainable. The perfect job. The perfect relationship. The perfect family life. Perfect health. Perfect everything! Our Automatic Approach Sam, for instance, tries to get the perfect body. His diet [Read More…]

Which Came First, the Science or the Atheism?

I used to joke that the chicken or the egg riddle was actually an evolution vs. creationism debate (though I’m not the first to come up with this idea). For evolutionists, the egg came first, since any genetic change which made the fetal fowl more like a chicken than its parents occurred when the egg [Read More…]

Holy Moses?

Passover will pass over on Saturday…and I couldn’t care less. So what, you may say, neither could I. But Judaism is the religion I don’t practice. And since I was raised by an agnostic mother who felt no desire to keep up traditions she felt no connection to, I grew up with little sense of [Read More…]

Unnatural Selection

After the publication of On the Origin of Species, religious naturalists found themselves in a pickle. The tide of scientific thought had turned heavily toward evolution, with its wealth of compelling evidence. Yet natural selection was anathema to the devout. Random variation? Survival of the fittest? Where did God fit in when it was every species [Read More…]

When Saints Go Missing, Do They Make a Sound?

The details of the 4th century life of St. Catherine of Alexandria are painstakingly woven into the lore and song and symbolism of St. Catherine University, a Catholic college in Minnesota where I taught for many years. But 10 years ago this month, in my last semester on the faculty, I learned that Catherine, the namesake of the university, never existed [Read More…]

Born Free (of God)

I have to admit that I feel a bit embarrassed when it comes to my atheism. No, it’s not due to my heresy. After all, the Washington Post called me, “Funny, profane and adamantly atheist.” I want that on my tombstone. The reason for my abashment is that most atheists arrive at their godlessness through [Read More…]

Hiding Darwin’s Disbelief

Part 3 in a series on the mangling of Darwin’s Autobiography Back to Part 1 | Part 2 I majored in physical anthropology in college — not for the dazzling job prospects, but to fill in my sketchy understanding of evolution. In addition to changing and deepening my grasp of what it means to be human, a [Read More…]

My Personal War on Christmas

It should be obvious by now from some of my previous posts that I had a rather, shall we say, mixed up secular childhood. In part, that was inevitable for a transplanted Yankee of Jewish heritage, who was raised agnostic, but attended Unitarian churches in the Deep South. But this was accentuated by the fact [Read More…]