Freedom’s Path Series: Emotional Hardships of Deconversion

“You doing okay, Pat?” The question was asked by Buzz, one of my regular passengers when I was a taxi driver (the job I took after I left the ministry because it was all I could find). Buzz was a scientist. He designed pacemakers and artificial heart valves. I would pick him up at his [Read More…]

The Caged Freedom of Transition

There are a lot of blogs out there where Atheists tell believers things they should know and Christians telling Atheists things they should know. Open letters to this person or that person are in abundance accomplishing nothing yet full of straw-men. I hope that what I am putting out there is of more use than [Read More…]

Which Came First, the Science or the Atheism?

I used to joke that the chicken or the egg riddle was actually an evolution vs. creationism debate (though I’m not the first to come up with this idea). For evolutionists, the egg came first, since any genetic change which made the fetal fowl more like a chicken than its parents occurred when the egg [Read More…]

Your Fate is in Your Hands (except when it isn’t)

Today is the third birthday I wasn’t expected to celebrate. That makes it a very happy birthday indeed. As atheists, we travel through life with a sense of agency over it, but also with a realization of our lack of complete control. While we believe that there’s no God watching over us, at least he’s [Read More…]

Unnatural Selection

After the publication of On the Origin of Species, religious naturalists found themselves in a pickle. The tide of scientific thought had turned heavily toward evolution, with its wealth of compelling evidence. Yet natural selection was anathema to the devout. Random variation? Survival of the fittest? Where did God fit in when it was every species [Read More…]

Glimpsing Truth through the Blinders of Religion

Charles Darwin knew how explosive his theories would be—that’s why he sat on them for more than twenty years. He polished them to a fine gloss, but it wasn’t until Alfred Russel Wallace sent him a paper setting out his own startlingly similar theory of natural selection that Darwin got off his already-celebrated ass and [Read More…]

Dropping the Mic on God: 9th Century Edition

Jainism is an atheistic religion that’s mostly about pacifism and nonviolence–but that doesn’t keep Jains from unleashing the occasional Hitchens-level critique of supernatural belief. The 1200-year-old Mahapurana of Acharya Jinasena includes an anti-creationist throw-down that could have been blogged yesterday: Some foolish men declare that Creator made the world. The doctrine that the world was created is ill-advised, and should be rejected. [Read More…]

Hiding Darwin’s Disbelief

Part 3 in a series on the mangling of Darwin’s Autobiography Back to Part 1 | Part 2 I majored in physical anthropology in college — not for the dazzling job prospects, but to fill in my sketchy understanding of evolution. In addition to changing and deepening my grasp of what it means to be human, a [Read More…]

A Little Birdie Told Me to Do It

In my last post, I compared the behavior of a serially mendacious hospital chaplain, who continually lied and broke his promises, to typical feline behavior. The difference is, when my cat Taran jumps on the counter to watch the birds outside the window, he doesn’t rationalize that he’s doing it for the greater good. I’ve [Read More…]

The Chaplain’s Cat Logic

Most cats understand the word no, despite all appearances to the contrary. But to them it has a different meaning than the one their “owners” intend. It doesn’t mean don’t do that in feline logic, but rather, don’t do that when they can catch you. The hospital chaplain I’ve nicknamed PP, for Prevaricating Preacher, seems to [Read More…]