There Is No Normal

Just as you lose yourself in astonishment, the anesthetic of familiarity will drag you back to the illusion of normal. Too bad. [Read more…]

Trump Rescinds Trans Youth Rights: Helped by Christians and Atheists

Yesterday, the Trump Administration reversed former President Obama’s federal extension of Title IX protections to trans teens in schools and they had help from Christians and Atheists. As a parent of a transgender teen, this hits close to home. I took the picture in this article at the Baltimore Convention Center. I was there at an [Read More…]

Freedom’s Path Series: Tales TRUMP Trust

This has nothing to do with President Trump. I just needed to use the word. This week, it seems to be the only way to get noticed online and I want this to be read. The title does, however, reflect the truth of this story. It is about how trust was betrayed when I left [Read More…]

Beautiful Boys and Girls

I wrote this on my own personal blog last Saturday. It seems to have resonated with many. I felt I would share it here as well. This is what I mean by stories without isms. The other day I had a man say in the same breath to me that he did not have any bias [Read More…]

Evolution for Breakfast

My kids learned about evolution from pink deer, scowling crabs, and chewable vitamins. [Read more…]

Idaho’s Faith Exemptions are Killing Children

At least 12 children have died in 3 years from preventable causes in one Idaho religious community. And current law allows it. [Read more…]

Why President Obama’s Tears of Righteous Anger Matter

When President Obama talks about mass shootings, sometimes the strongest message comes across without words. [Read more…]

No, Virginia…and the World is Still Wonderful

There is a crucial turning point in the Santa game, and Virginia had reached it. Then the editor betrayed her. By Dale McGowan. [Read more…]

Santa Claus – The Ultimate Dry Run

Thinking their own way out of the Santa myth can prepare kids to think their way out of our culture’s other big myth. By Dale McGowan. [Read more…]

OBEY: The Heart of Conservative Christian Parenting

The top words in a conservative Christian parenting book point to an obsession with obedience and control. By Dale McGowan. [Read more…]