Trump Rescinds Trans Youth Rights: Helped by Christians and Atheists

Yesterday, the Trump Administration reversed former President Obama’s federal extension of Title IX protections to trans teens in schools and they had help from Christians and Atheists. As a parent of a transgender teen, this hits close to home. I took the picture in this article at the Baltimore Convention Center. I was there at an [Read More…]

Born Free (of God)

I have to admit that I feel a bit embarrassed when it comes to my atheism. No, it’s not due to my heresy. After all, the Washington Post called me, “Funny, profane and adamantly atheist.” I want that on my tombstone. The reason for my abashment is that most atheists arrive at their godlessness through [Read More…]

My Personal War on Christmas

It should be obvious by now from some of my previous posts that I had a rather, shall we say, mixed up secular childhood. In part, that was inevitable for a transplanted Yankee of Jewish heritage, who was raised agnostic, but attended Unitarian churches in the Deep South. But this was accentuated by the fact [Read More…]

Myth-Taken by Santa

“Santa is a fake!” I said to my mother, scandalized. I thought about it for a moment, then continued, “And all those Santas, in all those malls, they’re all fake too!” It’s a memory that my mother and I both share. I, because my outrage at this massive fraud imprinted the scene in my young [Read More…]

Santa Claus – The Ultimate Dry Run

Thinking their own way out of the Santa myth can prepare kids to think their way out of our culture’s other big myth. By Dale McGowan. [Read more…]

I Was a Jewish Hitler in the 5th Grade

Believers who lose their faith face many wrenching dilemmas. But consider the poor atheist who was raised without religion or any real sense of what it meant to be a Jew. Okay, so maybe you’re not grabbing for a hanky right now. Yet think about this cautionary tale the next time your child has to read [Read More…]

OBEY: The Heart of Conservative Christian Parenting

The top words in a conservative Christian parenting book point to an obsession with obedience and control. By Dale McGowan. [Read more…]

Raising (Actual) Freethinkers

After 20 years as a parent, I’ve learned that the phrase “I’m not a parent myself, but…” is a clear signal that I should not just take the next few words with a grain of salt, but bludgeon them with Lot’s wife. Many atheist non-parents over the years have said to me, with great confidence, “I’m not a parent [Read More…]