Newest Young Skeptics Chapter Launches in California Today

Elementary school kids on the west coast will get a taste of critical thinking today, courtesy of Young Skeptics. [Read more…]

Stop Suggesting After School Satan Clubs are the Answer to the Good News Club

The Satanic Temple’s strategy may have worked for religious monuments and in-school Bible distribution, but it’s not working here. [Read more…]

Back from vacation… Here’s what’s on tap

I thought I’d post a quick update to let you know what’s coming up on SecularVoices as well as with live appearances & speaking events. [Read more…]

No, an Insurance Company Did Not Offer Assisted Suicide in Place of Chemotherapy

Stephanie Packer says her insurance company offered to pay for her to kill herself instead of paying for her meds. That’s terrible. Except they didn’t. [Read more…]

Young Skeptics is Reaching Out to Secular/Skeptic Groups to Start Chapters Across US

If you or your local secular/skeptic group are interested in starting a chapter in your local school, now is the time to get started. [Read more…]

Kids Are Back to School, So Good News Clubs Are Back to Deceiving Parents

THAT’S a Good News Club information and permission slip for a public school?? ¬†Oh no no no… [Read more…]

A Satanic Temple Club for Kids is Not a Good Idea — Here’s Why

The Executive Director of Young Skeptics addresses the Satanic Temple’s after school club [Read more…]