Americans United Sends Warning Letter to Elementary School Aiding Good News Club

The church/state watchdog group has warned an Indiana school that assisting the Good News Club will not be tolerated. [Read more…]

ACTIVISM ALERT: Public School Endorsing and Protecting Good News Club

I’m glad you asked. Activism is not just reserved for marches on Washington. Activism is something we can and should all participate in, in any way we can. This one is easy. You can do it right now. [Read more…]

SecularVoices Podcast Episode 2: Nazi Punches, the Women’s March, and Jim Helton from Tri-State Freethinkers

In this week’s episode, I discuss whether or not it’s ok to punch a Nazi, and Jim Helton of Tri-State Freethinkers joins me for the Activist Spotlight. We discuss the Women’s March in DC which he attended, and all of the great work his group is doing. [Read more…]

We Need to Do More of This If We Want to Stop the Good News Club

It’s important that things like this don’t go unresponded to. It’s important that people know we’re there, and that the Good News Club isn’t operating without oversight. [Read more…]

What’s Scarier Than a Trump Presidency? His Emboldened Followers

Today, Donald Trump’s legions of dedicated followers, aptly labeled ‘deplorables,’ have an overwhelming sense of vindication and validation. [Read more…]