Atheist Doc ‘A Better Life’ Has Screened in 100 Cities: Lessons from the Road [Interview]

Chris Johnson has brought his book and documentary to over 100 cities. Here are his feelings about the project and one of his subjects leaving atheism. [Read more…]

Steve Harvey Shifts His Bigotry from Atheists to Asians — No One is Amused

Throughout his career, Harvey has criticized multiple racial, ethnic, and religious groups who he doesn’t identify with. Many readers will recall his multiple ignorant rants against atheists, wherein he accused us of being idiots with no moral barometer. [Read more…]

The Likely Reason Why Zuckerberg Denounced His Atheism — HINT: It’s Not His Daughter

Widespread speculation on the interwebs suggested that Zuck’s change of heart is likely due to his daughter’s arrival in late 2015 and the religious customs that coincide with childhood and early development. But now there’s another theory floating around. [Read more…]

This Week in God’s Plan: 12/30/16 #TWIGP

Welcome to the second weekly installment of SecularVoices’ new feature, This Week in God’s Plan. If you missed it last week, here’s what this is all about: This Week in God’s Plan (#TWIGP), will highlight (or lowlight) some of the events that happened over the past week that no self-respecting benevolent deity could ever insert [Read More…]

Wrongheaded Christian Satire Site Attacks Atheism

Recently the Babylon Bee (a Christian satirical website) ran a piece ridiculing atheists and their insistence on evidence for God’s existence. Can you spot the logical fallacies? [Read more…]

An Atheist Walks into a Christian Meeting about Atheism…

I left my first Lifetree meeting feeling encouraged that common ground could be found between believers and nonbelievers if we take the time to listen to each other and make an effort to understand each other. [Read more…]

Churches Around the Country are Discussing Atheism This Month

If you’re sick of hearing Christians propping up their atheist strawmen and tearing them down, then attend your local LifeTree meeting on the topic and take its place. [Read more…]

Spending Thanksgiving with Family Who Disapprove of your Atheism? Send Them a Free Book to Help

If you have a religious loved one who would benefit from reading Understanding an Atheist in preparation for spending the holidays with an atheist, I’d like to send him/her a free copy of the book, along with a personal letter from me. [Read more…]

Billy Graham Says Christians Can Do Nothing to Convert Atheists

And by ‘do nothing,’ I mean he says to pray.  So, same thing. [Read more…]

Bryan Fischer: Atheists and Pro-Choice Advocates Unqualified to be Judges

Posterboy for the Religious Right and theocrat Bryan Fischer recently stuck his foot in his mouth on his radio show again, while opining on who is and is not qualified to be a judge in the American legal system. [Read more…]