School Caught Promoting Good News Club Now Trying to Cover Its Tracks

Well, I guess you win, Wittenburg. You’ve successfully covered up your violation of the Constitution and have hidden your illegal activity. Except… [Read more…]

Good News Club Testing Legal Limits Again

This could be one of the clearest and best-documented church-state violations I’ve found involving the Good News Club in elementary schools. [Read more…]

Joining Forces to Combat Science Education: Ken Ham and the Good News Club

With this move, the Good News Club is bringing their normally intensely-protected curriculum out into the public for all of us to see. [Read more…]

Stop Suggesting After School Satan Clubs are the Answer to the Good News Club

The Satanic Temple’s strategy may have worked for religious monuments and in-school Bible distribution, but it’s not working here. [Read more…]

ACTIVISM ALERT: Public School Endorsing and Protecting Good News Club

I’m glad you asked. Activism is not just reserved for marches on Washington. Activism is something we can and should all participate in, in any way we can. This one is easy. You can do it right now. [Read more…]

Good News Club Attacks After School Satan Club, Makes Transparency Claims Again, and Blocks Me

So much for transparency. It’s much easier to block out the dissenters than answer to them. Welcome to fundamentalism. [Read more…]

Good News Club Flyer Shockingly Doesn’t Mention Threats of Hell

The Good News Club shows us how deceitful they are with this benign-looking flyer. We see the what, where, who, and when, but not the ‘how’. [Read more…]

My Conversation With an Evangelical Pastor and Good News Club Leader About Damning Kids to Hell

A Good News Club leader attempted to defend its message, claiming the GNC is transparent, and then went silent. I wonder why. [Read more…]

Kids Are Back to School, So Good News Clubs Are Back to Deceiving Parents

THAT’S a Good News Club information and permission slip for a public school??  Oh no no no… [Read more…]

Good News Club Launches Petition to Seemingly No One

Spoiler Alert — It looks like the Good News Club is being deceptive once again. [Read more…]