Four Reasons Our Populace is Screwed — In One Facebook Thread

How one post about illegal immigration became a display of the top four reasons our populace may never be well-informed again. [Read more…]

Local Mom Gets Attacked Online by Good News Club Supporters for Standing up for Church/State Separation

We see this type of reaction often from supporters of the Good News Club or other promoters of religion in public schools. I have no doubt that most of the kids who attend the Good News Club enjoy it. But that’s not the issue here. Often, the abused aren’t aware they’re being damaged. [Read more…]

The Likely Reason Why Zuckerberg Denounced His Atheism — HINT: It’s Not His Daughter

Widespread speculation on the interwebs suggested that Zuck’s change of heart is likely due to his daughter’s arrival in late 2015 and the religious customs that coincide with childhood and early development. But now there’s another theory floating around. [Read more…]

Facebook is Trying to Curb Misinformation and So Should You — Here’s How

If the election of a narcissistic idiot isn’t evidence enough that misinformation is damaging to the future of our nation, then you’re part of the problem. [Read more…]