Todd Starnes Showing Ignorance Again in Police Car Decal Case

Why does Todd Starnes still have a platform? Oh right, because millions of deplorables still eat up his Christian persecution, anti-Muslim, anti-atheist, homophobic, transphobic, “everyone is bad but old fat Christian white guys” rhetoric. [Read more…]

Christians Lose Their Minds After Local Good News Club is Reported

A few Christians in NC caught wind of my complaints about the Good News Club’s unconstitutional access to kids at an elementary school. They’re not happy. [Read more…]

Wannabe Dictator Donald Trump Calls for SNL to be Canceled Over Political Satire

Trump’s call for the show to be canceled is potentially a big deal. Here’s why. [Read more…]

No, Allen West, Black Oppression Isn’t Gone Because You’re Successful

Allen West’s anecdotal evidence of a lack of black oppression in America is as weak as any argument I’ve heard to date, rooted in logical fallacy. [Read more…]

Oklahoma To Vote On Allowing Ten Commandments Monument

Even beyond that, they are voting on allowing public funds to be used for religious purposes. [Read more…]

No, That’s Not What ‘Free Speech’ Means

Those words do not mean what he thinks they mean. [Read more…]

Blount County in Tennessee Wants to Legislate Away God’s Wrath

Wait, what? County legislators in the Bible Belt have done it again.  This time, the faithful in Blount County, Tennessee are introducing legislation entitled “Resolution condemning judicial tyranny and petitioning God’s mercy.”  Through this divinely inspired waste of taxpayer money, the authors of this resolution hope to convince God to “pass us by in His [Read More…]

Sour Grapes of Wrath: After Marriage Equality Case, the Christian Right is Calling for a Theocracy

“The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being” That’s the message that was quickly churned out from Mike Huckabee’s campaign for President in the form of a graphic that was shared by thousands over Facebook and other social media sites, following the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality.  Huckabee, the candidate of choice [Read More…]

A Christian Flag at City Hall? That Doesn’t Fly in the US

Apparently you don’t have to read the Constitution in order to serve as a government official.  According to WGXA News in Cochran, GA, the local city council voted 5 to 1 to fly a Christian flag outside its city hall, disregarding the First Amendment and the oodles of church-state separation lawsuits that have been decided over [Read More…]

Good News Club Discovers It’s Harder to Intimidate Adults than Children

If you’ve heard of the Good News Club, a fundamentalist Christian evangelical club for elementary school kids, you’re most likely securely planted on one side of the fence or the other.  You either think the GNC is great for kids, or you realize its tactics are vile and damaging to the self-esteem of children and [Read More…]