Joining Forces to Combat Science Education: Ken Ham and the Good News Club

With this move, the Good News Club is bringing their normally intensely-protected curriculum out into the public for all of us to see. [Read more…]

My Response to a Good News Club Apologist

I’ve been responding on social media to schools that have been promoting sign-ups for the Good News Club. Today, a GNC parent decided to respond, defending the Good News Club and its volunteers. Of course, I responded back. [Read more…]

They Would Call Me An Atheist: Being a Nonbeliever at a Christian College

They would call me an atheist if I was honest about what I think. To be clear, it’s not that I’m dishonest or disingenuous in my speech; but more like I simply don’t present my views in full. And it’s not that I remain silent in conversations; I regularly voice my doubts and make people [Read More…]