Now What: My 6-Year-Old Told Me You Go to Heaven When You Die

I knew this topic would come up eventually. I just didn’t realize it would be so soon. Here’s how this atheist dad handled it. [Read more…]

Michigan Congressman Tim Walberg’s Climate Change Solution: God

At a town hall on Friday, Tim Walberg told Michigan constituents that if climate change is a real issue, God will fix it. [Read more…]

New Feature: This Week in God’s Plan

Got cancer? God’s plan. Had a miscarriage? God’s plan. Baby born prematurely? God’s plan. I call bullshit. [Read more…]

Grieving Without Faith: Finding Meaning in a Godless Life

The truth is that I’m nothing less than profoundly grateful. What’s more is that mine is a gratitude I could never have arrived at if I thought earthly life was just the lesser part of our experience. [Read more…]

Problems with Belief

Personally I believe the Bible has literary value. It shows us how people lived thousands of years ago. It is of historical value. A problem arises when the book is taken literally and as the actual word of God. I personally doubt the miracles that are mentioned in the Bible for many reasons. It is [Read More…]

Why I Secretly Hope God Stays Dead

God died when I reached twenty-two but I refused to accept it. I had too much at stake. [Read more…]

An Atheist’s Review of NatGeo’s Story of God, Episode Three: Who Is God?

If only more people realized that the only “God” worth following was their own conscience, and the only moral truths are those whose ultimate concern is human well-being. If only… [Read more…]

An Objective Review of NatGeo’s ‘The Story of God’ by an Atheist

In this episode Morgan sets out to discover what happens to us when we die. [Read more…]

Having the God Talk — An Appeal to Educate the Public

“God is dead! And we have killed him,” cried Nietzsche’s madman. This proclamation was a warning to modern society regarding the implications for morality if God-as-supreme-law-giver was abandoned. Without God, thought Nietzsche, the moral ideals of mercy, love, self-sacrifice, and privileging neighbor over oneself did not have a solid foundation. Society needed to realize the [Read More…]