ACTIVISM ALERT: Indiana School Principal Working Hard to Protect the Good News Club

A school principal has been deleting negative comments about the Good News Club on his school’s official Facebook page. Here’s what you can do about it. [Read more…]

The Tri-State Freethinkers’ Latest Protest Target — The KKK

The Tri-State Freethinkers will be protesting a KKK recruitment rally in Indiana on September 24th. [Read more…]

Religious Freedom Law in Indiana Being Used as Defense for Child Abuse

Thanks to Mike Pence and his cohorts, this abusive mother may be set free. [Read more…]

Defending Darwin: Six states endangering US science education

Just over 200 years ago today, a man was born whose scientific findings would be the subject of fierce debates and turn creationism folklore on its head. ¬†Charles Darwin’s theories on evolution and natural selection suggested that all organisms on earth descended from a common ancestor. ¬†This contradicted schools of thought related to Lamarck’s transmutation [Read More…]