Good News Club Testing Legal Limits Again

This could be one of the clearest and best-documented church-state violations I’ve found involving the Good News Club in elementary schools. [Read more…]

This Church Is Blatantly Supporting Donald Trump

Getting involved in politics is a great thing to do, just don’t do it through a church. And if you do, then it’s time to give up those tax exemptions. [Read more…]

Boycotting “Religious Liberty” States Could Hurt Vulnerable Communities

While taking a stance against bigotry is very commendable and should be encouraged, it should also be done with a dose of caution. [Read more…]

Is North Carolina the Most Intolerant State?

It’s starting to look that way. North Carolina state legislators have recently made statements and proposed legislation that support such a claim.  By now, everyone has heard about the proposed bill to declare an official religion.  It was proposed on 4/2/13 by two Republican legislators, supported by 11 more, and finally shot down by the House Speaker [Read More…]

North Carolina’s Move to Declare a State Religion and Its Constitutional Ripple Effect

On Tuesday 4/2/13, two Republican North Carolina state representatives introduced a bill that would effectively allow them to declare an official state religion.  Since then, word of this bill spread like wildfire across social media outlets and blogs on both sides of the aisle.  The sponsors of the proposed legal change are Carl Ford (R-China Grove) [Read More…]