Atheist Doc ‘A Better Life’ Has Screened in 100 Cities: Lessons from the Road [Interview]

Chris Johnson has brought his book and documentary to over 100 cities. Here are his feelings about the project and one of his subjects leaving atheism. [Read more…]

Grieving Without Faith: Finding Meaning in a Godless Life

The truth is that I’m nothing less than profoundly grateful. What’s more is that mine is a gratitude I could never have arrived at if I thought earthly life was just the lesser part of our experience. [Read more…]

God is Not an Acceptable Reason in a Secular Society

In the United States we enjoy the “freedom of religion.” This freedom to believe whatever one wants to about divine beings, or to not believe at all, is an essential part of our secular democracy. But many religious people have a hard time keeping their religion to themselves. They do and say things in the [Read More…]

Religious Morality Lacks Integrity

Our judicial laws are separate from biblical and religious laws for good reason. [Read more…]

The Buzz Behind #NormalizeAtheism: A Conversation with Mark Nebo

Shanon and I like to talk in public about the things we do, the same as anyone else… We try to be as open about it as anyone else is about their faith/church life. [Read more…]

On Raising Secular Children

Our kids are encouraged positively. There is no higher power we use to scare them into submission. When they go to bed at night, they don’t worry about someone watching them and silently judging them. [Read more…]

Do the Nonreligious Have a Place in American Politics?

There’s no doubt in my mind that many an ultraconservative is merely exploiting the extreme positions of their base. But without getting into how often members of our “leadership” crack a hymnal, let’s look at the bigger picture. [Read more…]

Non-belief Deserves Respect Too

The fact is I do have respect for people who believe in a god, despite disagreeing with them. I would just like them to consider other viewpoints in return, as we atheists are constantly having to consider theirs. [Read more…]

An Atheist’s Review of NatGeo’s Story of God, Episode Two: Apocalypse

Will it be as many have imagined it, or is it all in our minds? These are the questions Morgan sets out to answer in this week’s episode. [Read more…]

The Biggest Victims of Muslim Fanaticism: Muslims

In March a Daesh (aka ISIS) suicide bomber walked into a football stadium and killed at least 32 people. The carnage was comparable to the attack in Brussels a few days earlier, but you may not have seen anything in the news about it. It happened in Iraq, so it wasn’t important. [Read more…]