Newest Young Skeptics Chapter Launches in California Today

Elementary school kids on the west coast will get a taste of critical thinking today, courtesy of Young Skeptics. [Read more…]

Stop Suggesting After School Satan Clubs are the Answer to the Good News Club

The Satanic Temple’s strategy may have worked for religious monuments and in-school Bible distribution, but it’s not working here. [Read more…]

Local Mom Gets Attacked Online by Good News Club Supporters for Standing up for Church/State Separation

We see this type of reaction often from supporters of the Good News Club or other promoters of religion in public schools. I have no doubt that most of the kids who attend the Good News Club enjoy it. But that’s not the issue here. Often, the abused aren’t aware they’re being damaged. [Read more…]

Back from vacation… Here’s what’s on tap

I thought I’d post a quick update to let you know what’s coming up on SecularVoices as well as with live appearances & speaking events. [Read more…]

Young Skeptics is Reaching Out to Secular/Skeptic Groups to Start Chapters Across US

If you or your local secular/skeptic group are interested in starting a chapter in your local school, now is the time to get started. [Read more…]

A Satanic Temple Club for Kids is Not a Good Idea — Here’s Why

The Executive Director of Young Skeptics addresses the Satanic Temple’s after school club [Read more…]

Good News Club Transparency Issues Surface Once Again

Among the most disgusting of the GNC’s operating procedures is how they attempt to deceive parents with a rather innocuous-looking permission slip as an¬†introduction to their emotionally abusive intimidation mill. [Read more…]

SecularVoices Has Joined Patheos!

Kevin Davis, the Exec Dir of Young Skeptics, has joined Patheos along with his team of writers from SecularVoices. [Read more…]

PREVIEW: Reason Rally Mini-Con Offers a la Carte Menu of Speakers in More Intimate Setting

Attendees will be able to pick and choose which speakers and workshops they attend among five different conference rooms in the hotel operating simultaneously. [Read more…]

Good News Club Discovers It’s Harder to Intimidate Adults than Children

If you’ve heard of the Good News Club, a fundamentalist Christian evangelical club for elementary school kids, you’re most likely securely planted on one side of the fence or the other. ¬†You either think the GNC is great for kids, or you realize its tactics are vile and damaging to the self-esteem of children and [Read More…]