Myth and Tradition (Seeking the Mystery, Chp. 2 Excerpt)

Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies

As promised, an excerpt from Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies, now available in both e-book and paperback editions. Excerpt from Chapter Two: Myth, Tradition, and Innovation The foundation of contemporary Pagan theology is myth. Given the colloquial use of the word “myth,” this statement may sound a bit strange. In Western culture, “myth” often [Read More...]

Hard Polytheism (Seeking the Mystery, Chp. 1 Excerpt)

Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies

Today (Monday, 7/1), will be offering the e-book edition of Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies for $0.99. It’s now available in paperback too! Click through for details and an excerpt from Chapter One. [Read more...]

Why interfaith is important – an interview with John Macintyre

Kinnoull Hill, Perth, Scotland, by Suomi Star

Recently, after fourteen years of interfaith dialogue and sheer hard work, the Scottish Pagan Federation has been officially recognised as a member of the Scottish Interfaith Council. This is a really important development, and a tribute to the hard work and persistence of the Scottish Pagan Federation.

I interviewed John Macintyre, a good friend of mine, a former president of the Scottish Pagan Federation, and the person who is responsible for most of that patient process of dialogue, and asked him to explain why it is so important, and how it was achieved. [Read more...]

Pagans and Academic Publishing

Eros and Touch

Academic books cost a lot of money and can be hard to get. Why is that, and what changes could happen in the future to make scholarly Pagan studies books more affordable and accessible? [Read more...]

News and Notes – Pagan Theology and Scholarship


Sacred Lands conference, summer Contemporary Global Paganisms course at Cherry Hill Seminary, and crowdsourcing Pagan theology. [Read more...]



What is fundamentalism? Is it all bad? Can the term ‘fundamentalist’ be applied to Pagans? [Read more...]

Interview with Christine Hoff Kraemer on Albion Calling


I was honored this week by an interview by Dr. Ethan Doyle White for his blog Albion Calling–part of a series of interviews with scholars of Pagan studies and esotericism. [Read more...]