Solar eclipse

"The Partial Eclipse" by Thephatphilmz - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Light. We all depend on light.
Sunlight to grow our food,
Sunlight to warm our bodies,
A lamp to read by,
Candles for ritual,
A fire for comfort,
Moonlight and starlight for dreams and visions. [Read more...]

A Pagan coming-out ritual

Shine! by Roz Byshaka

A ritual that celebrates coming out as a rite of passage, and welcomes the newly-identified LGBTQ person by introducing them to the ten queer spiritual roles identified by Christian de la Huerta. [Read more...]

Elections, Politics, Consent, and #sexyvoterhaiku

this kiss courtesy of

Yesterday was a completely improvisatory performance, unfolding in real time, exploring the metaphor of elections and politics as sexy, as seduction, as the whole damntangle. [Read more...]

The Thirteen Vanic Virtues

Freya, by Igor Alexis Osorio Solis

The Vanir have their own set of virtues… [Read more...]

Storymaking, Artmaking, and the Work of the Soul

Photo by Heather Atkinson, published by permission

Maybe it’s a lifework to piece together the soul from the scraps and bits. [Read more...]

Embodiment and Woundedness: Owning Up to Being an Animal

When I stepped into the waters of Lake Superior, I recognized the sensation exactly: I’ve swum here before. [Read more...]

Listening Is an Act of Dilation

Listening is a creative act. It’s a sacred act, to listen fully to another. We’re co-creative not just with our gods and gardens, but with each other. [Read more...]