Petition to Capitalize “Pagan” – Chicago Manual / AP Stylebook Letter


In order to assure greater accuracy in 21st century journalism, 49 scholars and authors petition the AP and Chicago Stylebooks to capitalize “Pagan” and “Paganism” when speaking of the modern faiths and their adherents. [Read more...]

Pathways in Modern Western Magic (Review)

Pathways in Modern Western Magic

Pathways in Modern Western Magic has the most to offer to a reader who is just beginning a formal academic study of Western magic. When it broaches less-treated topics of study and connects its subject matter to broader discussions in religious studies, however, it is also potentially valuable for established scholars of esotericism or contemporary Paganism. [Read more...]

Pagans and Academic Publishing

Eros and Touch

Academic books cost a lot of money and can be hard to get. Why is that, and what changes could happen in the future to make scholarly Pagan studies books more affordable and accessible? [Read more...]



What is fundamentalism? Is it all bad? Can the term ‘fundamentalist’ be applied to Pagans? [Read more...]

Interview with Christine Hoff Kraemer on Albion Calling


I was honored this week by an interview by Dr. Ethan Doyle White for his blog Albion Calling–part of a series of interviews with scholars of Pagan studies and esotericism. [Read more...]

Links: Pagan Systematic Theology, Sacred Lands Conference, Pagans vs. Gnostics


Links and news: Pagan systematic theology by Sam Webster, Cherry Hill Seminary Sacred Lands conference, Michael York on Pagan vs. Gnostic theology, and a TransMythology by P.S.V. Lupus. [Read more...]

Theology Is Not Religious Studies

"Adam and Eve," by Hans Rottenhammer

Theology can and should involve logic. Ultimately, however, logic is only a means: theology is religious conviction supported and shaped by reason. Religious studies, on the other hand, must always let reason win. [Read more...]