Paganism for Beginners: Social Structures

The fact that people can own land, that property is deemed more important than human life by our current laws, that those with wealth and property are given more power and status, that making war is given priority over creating community or protecting the most vulnerable people, that certain social functions are seen as female and others are seen as male – these are all cultural constructs resulting from thousands of years of  looking at the world in a particular way. They have been built up by custom and practice over a couple of millennia. But they are not inevitable. [Read more…]

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Marriage equality: All you need is love… or is it?

I am immensely heartened by the legalisation of same-sex marriage across the United States of America. This makes the US the 23rd country to legalise it. Given the large number of people in same-sex relationships who want to get married, it seems like a very good idea, especially when it grants access to all kinds of other benefits. And we should celebrate our victories along the way. However, it does not mean that the struggle for equality is over. [Read more…]

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Paganism for Beginners: Things we care about

Some issues are associated in people’s minds with being Pagan, most obviously environmentalism and feminism. Since Paganism and Nature-worship are synonymous in many people’s minds, caring for the Earth seems like an obvious thing for Pagans to want to do. And since the Earth is often viewed as a goddess, or as the Goddess, Paganism is an obvious choice for anyone who wonders why so many monotheists view their deity as exclusively male. [Read more…]

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“That Which You Hate and Try to Destroy is Sacred”

I want every woman to insist on herself—and to be free and able to do so— whoever she is, intensely and immediately and forever and get to the work she must do in the world, without fear. [Read more…]

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Silence equals complicity: making Pagan groups safe for everyone

We are supposed to be a community that values women, that believes women are the embodiment of the Divine just as much as men, if not more so.

We are a community that celebrates all acts of love and pleasure. Well, let me tell you right now, anything less than enthusiastic consent is not an act of love and pleasure. Love and pleasure are sacred. Rape and abuse are the most horrible violations of the sacred integrity of the human body. [Read more…]

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