Terry Pratchett: an accidental Pagan theologian

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As far as I know, he is the only writer to speculate on how deities come into being, first as particles of energy, then accumulating more energy from the minds of worshippers (in the book Small Gods). He was the inventor of the wonderful idea of the Dark Morris (the slow and silent dance that must be danced in the depths of the forest in order to make the wheel of the year turn again towards summer). [Read more...]

Vampires and Addicts


Are vampires a metaphor for the way we are drinking other species, the land, and each other dry? Margot Adler’s new book considers the wild popularity of vampires in media and suggests that, in the twenty-first century, the vampires are us. [Read more...]

Notes toward a Pagan Theology of Fiction

Image adapted from "Hobbit Home" by shes_so_high. Originally posted on Flickr. CC license 2.0

Pagans widely agree that fiction has spiritual power. But what roles does fiction play in different Pagan traditions? Must a myth or legend have a historical basis in order to be significant? [Read more...]