Gardnerians, Sacred Lands, Climate Marches, and Other News of Note


What’s on my mind and on my reading list this month? Sacred Lands;; Sex, Death, and Witchcraft; the People’s Climate March, and more. [Read more...]

Metaphors can kill

Image adapted from "Hobbit Home" by shes_so_high. Originally posted on Flickr. CC license 2.0

Metaphors are a very powerful thing. They can dictate how we we see the world, and therefore how we behave. They can constrain our expectations of what will happen, and how it will happen. The metaphorical connotations of an idea shape and limit what can be said about it. [Read more...]

Yvonne Aburrow Joins “Sermons”; Gender and Sexuality Article

Knowth - image by Günter Claßen

Yvonne Aburrow joins Sermons from the Mound, plus a new academic article on gender and sexuality in contemporary Paganism. [Read more...]