Grace is the Time, is the Place, is the Motion

Grace is related to renewal and a sense of being right with the world and the divine. The Three Graces or Charites were definitely pagan. A feeling of grace can be created by harmonious sounds and soothing light. Splendor, Good Cheer, and Mirth also seem apt descriptors. And the more modern meaning of elegance and harmony also fits in with these ancient concepts of grace. So I think we can reclaim the word grace to mean the beauty and harmony and radiance of Nature and the feelings of awe and gratitude, wonder and joy and healing evoked by that beauty. [Read more…]

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November Gratitude: Initiatory Communities

Out of all my experiences in Pagan groups, the one that has moved me the most deeply has been the practice of initiation. I am grateful beyond words for the initiatory communities who have so carefully nurtured my spiritual growth and allowed me to feel how deeply I am loved. [Read more…]

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