Wicca: History, Belief, and Community

Ethan Doyle White has recently published an important new book: “Wicca: History, Belief, and Community in Modern Pagan Witchcraft”, due for release on 1 November 2015. So I approached him for an interview. [Read more…]

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Move over Easter Bunny, here comes the Easter Fox

I do think that pagans, of all people, have an ethical obligation to respect the historicity of the stories they tell, especially when they are telling them to one another. I think we have to do more than pay lip service to such things as lore, tradition, and ‘old ways’. That means recognising the boundaries of our knowledge. It’s no shame to say ‘We do not know what the absolute truth of this matter is’. Stories can emerge from the shadows. Where there’s doubt, there’s room to breathe. [Read more…]

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Why interfaith is important – an interview with John Macintyre

Recently, after fourteen years of interfaith dialogue and sheer hard work, the Scottish Pagan Federation has been officially recognised as a member of the Scottish Interfaith Council. This is a really important development, and a tribute to the hard work and persistence of the Scottish Pagan Federation.

I interviewed John Macintyre, a good friend of mine, a former president of the Scottish Pagan Federation, and the person who is responsible for most of that patient process of dialogue, and asked him to explain why it is so important, and how it was achieved. [Read more…]

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