The Myth of Calling


When I was nineteen years old, I wanted more than anything else in the world to become a published songwriter. I was completely consumed with this idea, believing it was my one and only true calling from God for my life. Of course, now I know that there is another name for that kind of magical [Read More...]

Want to Create Your Dream Life? Write it Down.


I was cleaning out the basement last weekend when I turned my attention to an old file cabinet perched in a dark corner, minding its own business. In the frenzy of my purging rampage, I decided this guy’s number was up and began tossing its outdated contents into the trash. Eventually I came across one particularly wrinkled and faded folder [Read More...]

Tired of the Treadmill? Here’s How to Turbocharge Your Goals


I once worked with an organization that was not quite as focused as it should have been. Their returns were on a long, slow decline, and nobody was sure what to do. After we clarified the company’s vision and three strategic priorities, I asked the President how many of the projects and initiatives throughout the [Read More...]

You Won’t be an Effective Leader if You are Too Busy Trying to Be Someone Else

LENOVO - WIN_20150301_073120

My friend, a high-level manager at a financial services firm, confided he felt as if he were leading a double-life. Not in a sordid, creepy way, involving drugs or scandal or Liza Minnelli cabaret impersonations by night. Rather, he complained that his “work” persona and his “home” persona had grown distinctly separate over the years, and it made him [Read More...]

Five Things to Stop Doing in 2015


Strategy consultant Dorie Clark wrote an intriguing post a couple years ago at Harvard Business Review blogs presenting somewhat of an anti-outlook for New Year’s goal-setting. Instead of promoting typical professional stretch-goal tips, she made suggestions for things to stop doing, in order to become more focused and productive. Her red lighted list of things to stop doing included such helpful recommendations [Read More...]

It’s Okay to Feel Stupid Sometimes


Have you ever been in a meeting, minding your own business, maybe thinking about what  you might want to have for dinner that night, when suddenly you realize all eyes have turned on you looking for an opinion? Except that you have no idea what they were just talking about? It’s not that you weren’t paying attention. [Read More...]