Forgetting to Remember God (#4 in a series)


Continued from the previous post and the one before that and the one before that. So there it is. The crammed family schedule was not the culprit here. I forgot about God – no, I avoided God – because I was panicky and needed to be in control of the mess I was in at work. [Read More...]

Forgetting to Remember God (#3 in a series)


Continued from the previous post and the one before that. This was not a small deal I was working on, mind you. No, it was a $30 million deal with a very attractive return. Thirty mil may seem like peanuts to some of you hot shot corporate muckety-mucks, but for me this was significant. I [Read More...]

Thou Shalt Love Thy Customer: A Revealing Visit to Starbucks


I love Starbucks. No, I really love Starbucks. You need to know this about me. It’s as if Howard Schultz had me specifically in mind when he built the store concept: the serious roast, the eclectic but ever-so-cool music, the aroma, the European Café beatnik ambience. And, Oh, how I love the coffee! Or, maybe [Read More...]

Sacred is the New Secular


A few weeks ago I came across a Blogger who was whining like a little girl about the hostilities of the “secular” world towards Christians. He proceeded to rail against the bogeyman of secular culture, especially corporate America, for apparently making him so miserable and uncomfortable with its lack of ethics, values and moral backbone. My reaction [Read More...]

The Purpose of Work


As some of you may know, I go to a Presbyterian church. It’s located in a bucolic, historically-preserved town that happens to be a stone’s throw from the pharmaceutical Mecca of the Northeast, and also within commuting distance of both New York City and Philadelphia. Needless to say, we are a church community filled with [Read More...]

Why Being Super-Generous at Work Will Make You Happier


The other day I received an email from a complete stranger, asking for advice on a business plan: “Dear Mr. Wood,” he blurted forth. “I saw your name blah blah blah and I have this wonderful idea blah blah could you please take some time to review and give me feedback blah blah.”  Like most of you, [Read More...]