Too Many Meetings? Creating Spiritual Clarity at Work


Several years ago, the senior executives of my company gathered in the Board Room to have a meeting about meetings. Apparently, some people had been complaining that we were having too many. I will be the first to admit there may have been some truth to this. Over the previous several months we had chartered one team after another [Read More...]

The Secret to Productivity and Happiness at Work: Xtreme Generosity

The other day I received an email from a complete stranger, asking for advice on a business plan: “Dear Mr. Wood,” he blurted forth. “I saw your name blah blah blah and I have this wonderful idea blah blah could you please take some time to review and give me feedback blah blah.”  Like most of you, [Read More...]

Your Spiritual Leadership Profile

As some of you know, I spent many years in management consulting prior to landing my current gig as a Senior Vice President in a Very Nice Company. That consulting experience drilled certain propensities into my brain for processes, charts, and matrices. I love a good flow chart. So naturally, when thinking about solutions to [Read More...]

Is Your Spirit Aligned with Your Work?

When the good people from The High Calling showed up at my office one day several months ago lugging  their video cameras and equipment, I didn’t quite know what they were going to do with it all. We had scheduled an interview, and once they set up, proceeded to chat about this and that in [Read More...]

The Five Stages of Forgiveness in the Workplace

It’s not until you’ve been royally screwed over by someone at work that you realize how impossible it is to forgive. As good Christians, we believe it is our duty to rush headlong into forgiveness the moment we have been trespassed against, as Jesus modeled for us in the gospels. However, in real life, it [Read More...]

Feeling Beat Up at Work? Give Yourself a Pep Talk!

A friend confided that, lately, he goes home from work every day feeling like a failure. He is in charge of a sales organization that has been slipping ever since he took over a few months ago. The pressure from upper management is tremendous. It seems like everything is stacked against him – the tough [Read More...]