The Spiritual Value of Wasting Time at Work


I was on speaker phone the other day with a colleague, Bruce, closing up several items regarding some new deal activity. After five minutes or so, the business part of our conversation was over, so I fired up my computer, opening several application windows in anticipation of the call winding down. Hello, excel! Hello, email! Good day, internet! [Read More...]

Are You Supposed to Know ‘God’s Will’ for your Job?


The other day my friend asked a rather blunt and personal question: “Do you think it is God’s will for you to be at the company you’re with right now?” What I wanted to say was, “Well, duh. I’m working there, aren’t I?” In other words, how else could I have possibly ended up in [Read More...]

Too Many Meetings? Creating Spiritual Clarity at Work


Several years ago, the senior executives of my company gathered in the Board Room to have a meeting about meetings. Apparently, some people had been complaining that we were having too many. I will be the first to admit there may have been some truth to this. Over the previous several months we had chartered one team after another [Read More...]

The Secret to Productivity and Happiness at Work: Xtreme Generosity

The other day I received an email from a complete stranger, asking for advice on a business plan: “Dear Mr. Wood,” he blurted forth. “I saw your name blah blah blah and I have this wonderful idea blah blah could you please take some time to review and give me feedback blah blah.”  Like most of you, [Read More...]

Your Spiritual Leadership Profile

As some of you know, I spent many years in management consulting prior to landing my current gig as a Senior Vice President in a Very Nice Company. That consulting experience drilled certain propensities into my brain for processes, charts, and matrices. I love a good flow chart. So naturally, when thinking about solutions to [Read More...]

Is Your Spirit Aligned with Your Work?

When the good people from The High Calling showed up at my office one day several months ago lugging  their video cameras and equipment, I didn’t quite know what they were going to do with it all. We had scheduled an interview, and once they set up, proceeded to chat about this and that in [Read More...]