Don’t Mistake Doing What You Love with Doing What’s Important


A few months ago, my wife texted me, “Don’t forget to buy Megamillions tickets!:)” Upon learning of the $656 million jackpot, we couldn’t help ourselves from fantasizing about a potential windfall. We’d quit our jobs. Pursue our dreams. Finally, we’d do what we loved. When the lottery numbers were drawn, ours, of course, did not [Read More...]

Is Work a Curse, or Inherently Good?


I recently overheard a conversation where a middle-aged, mothering woman was asking a scrappy-headed and pockmark-faced young man in his mid-twenties how he liked his job. “It’s okay,” he said, staring down at his unlaced black Skechers. “Pays the bills, right?” she prompted with an encouraging smile. “Yeah, no – it’s not so bad. For now.” [Read More...]

Twenty Seven Things to Do Before You Die

I made Chicken Cacciatore last night, which reminded me of this post from many moons ago.  From time to time I will indulge myself in the tacky genre of self-help-leadership-development books. Usually I skim through the pages quickly to see if I can find one or two ideas of substance that might come in handy [Read More...]

The Happiest Employee on Earth

There’s a bright yellow band of construction tape blocking the administrative entrance to my company’s main building. Apparently there are a set of killer icicles hanging from the roofline forty feet above, threatening to bludgeon some poor, unassuming office workers arriving to work. That wouldn’t be pretty. In any case, I had to go around and use the [Read More...]

Is Your Activity Aligned With Your Direction?

I once worked with an organization that was not quite as focused as it should have been. Their returns were on a long, slow, decline, and nobody was sure what to do. After we clarified the company’s vision and three strategic priorities, I asked the President how many of the projects and initiatives throughout the [Read More...]

Social Entrepreneurs: Get Ready to Change the World!

In his book, “Lynchpin,” author Seth Godin takes the concept of work to an art form. Not that work isn’t going to be hard and monotonous some of the time. But Godin points out that the elements of art – passion and initiative and the burning desire to create something meaningful for others – is [Read More...]